Welcome to the 2015 Season! The GLS is back and ready for 2015, with the first event being at LoneWolf Paintball in Mt. Clemens, Michigan! See the registration page to register your team. 

Prizes Update:.

  1. Trophy’s for both divisions
  2. Trophy places based on team count
  3. 1st place Individidual trophy’s for up to 5 teams in a division. 
  4. 2nd place Individual trophy’s for up to 9 teams in a division. 
  5. 3rd place Individual trophy’s for 10+ teams in a division. 
  6. Prizes will be random draw and all players will be in the same drawing
  7. Prizes based on total team count for both divisions. 
  8. 3 tickets per team per event, drawings will be held at the end of the event. 
  9. Winning ticket will pick an envelope that will have what you won inside.. then simply redeem at the counter!
  10. 7 Teams = 3 Prizes
  11. 8 Teams = 4 Prizes
  12. 9 Teams = 5 Prizes
  13. 11 Teams = 6 Prizes
  14. Anything over 11 teams will make the other prizes bigger.

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